Re: [hypermail] mbox_shortened only works once

From: Tobias Weber <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 11:12:51 +0100
Message-ID: <>

09.01.2004 18:35 Uhr Peter C.McCluskey wrote:

>>> Maybe we ought to change to use the From line for deciding which
>>> subdirectory
>>> to put the message in.

I might have misunderstood. The "From xy" line starting a message in mbox format is totally wrong when using fetchmail. Only "Date:" seems authoritative as it is set by the sender and never modified.  

> I've checked in this change, and I've also checked in a change to make > the mbox_shortened option handle duplicate Message-Id's a little bit better.

I still got the same error with the same two IDs. How do I best split my existing mbox to work with the existing .htm2index? Can formail be used to remove duplicates?

A this morning "cvs update"d hypermail produced:

9 May 2003 bis 14 May 2003
9 Jun 2003
2 Jul 2003 bis 10 Jul 2003
3 Aug 2003
1 Sep 2003
4 Oct 2003
9 Nov 2003
14 Dec 2003
"1 Jan 2004 bis 7 Jan 2004" links 0401/date.html which lists messages from Dec 14 until Jan 6
"15 Feb 2004" links 0402/date.html which lists messages from Jan 7 until Feb 14

Some entries are really missing a right border. I added the contents of "by date" for the last two months.

This is worse than before. See (made with the same files and the hypermail I originally complained about) for comparasion.

  Tobias Weber
Received on Sun 15 Feb 2004 11:17:25 PM GMT

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