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From: Martin Duerst <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 10:47:21 +0900
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Copied to the URI list for potential updates to RFC2368.

At 20:16 04/07/16 -0700, Mark Moore wrote:

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> > The In-Reply-To header is already included in the URI behind the
> > 'Respond' link on the html version of the page, at least in the
> > setup for W3C lists (
>I hadn't noticed that. You are absolutely right, and that is mighty cool!
> > The question may be whether
> > this header is included by the mail software then the user
> > clicks on that link. The answer may differ for different mailers.
>The latest version of Microsoft Outlook definitely *doesn't* include the
>References: and In-Reply-To: headers (even though they are in the URI).
>Worse, section 4 of RFC2368, "Unsafe headers," specifically recommends that
>mail software should not include "unsafe" headers from mailto URL's, and
>that "Only the Subject, Keywords, and Body headers are believed to be both
>safe and useful." [1]

Can anybody involved in RFC2396 say why the list of safe/useful headers was limited that much? It seems to make sense to me to expand that list in a future version.

>RFC2368 goes on to say that creators of mailto URL's "cannot expect the
>resolver of a URL to understand more than the 'subject' and 'body' headers."
>The converse of this is that creators of mailto URL's SHOULD expect
>resolvers to understand subject and body headers. Incidentally, Outlook

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