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From: Dido Dilev <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 13:46:22 +0200 (EET)
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When receives an email message qmail server executes

|/usr/local/scripts/m2fVer2/ ##--end--

placed in /home/vpopmail/domains/ file i.e. 1. im redirecting every message to and after that 2. im executing bash script that invokes hypermail by:

hypermail -c /usr/local/hypermail-2.1.8/tests/conf1.rc -m /home/vpopmail/domains/

And hypermail generates 0000.html file as I expect. But when receives an email message as a member of mailling list the above procedures are executed again as I described but this time the 0000.html file contains "This message has been deleted from the archive" and there is no mailbody.

Thanks for the help!


> (Dido Dilev) writes:
>>Hi band :)
>>Im dilettante in using hypermail-2.1.8. I would like to use it as a mail to html convertor and not for mail to html archieve. I think I achieved it. As I was doing my tests during development part it worked as I had expected. When I put a new account to my mailling list (the account that hypermail will process) it began to output in the 0000.html file following line:
>>"This message has been deleted from the archive"
>>and there isnt any mail body.
>>I found that if the email message is not received by mailling list it generates 0000.html file as it should be. But if it is the result is "This message has been deleted from the archive". What is the difference?
> I dont see anything in your config file that would explain it.
> What is the command line that you are using to invoke hypermail when it
>produces the "This message has been deleted from the archive" message?
>Putting a " -0 0 " in the command line would produce the results you
>describe, but I'd be surprised if someone would do that by accident.
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