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From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 22:28:29 -0500 (CDT)
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I initially was going to send this out as a single message but it got too long.... More to come...

I am setting up a development area with CVS support. It should be possible to have others accessing that other than read-only.

There are a great many improvements that have already been done by members of the hypermail user community. I have received quite a few enhancements/patches from Kevin and from people he directed this way.

Hypermail needs a real makeover to be able to get to where it should be. We are not going to get there over night. In order to make the most progress, I propose that we take the following approach. Let's get a baseline version and take the modifications made in the past and incorporate them into a single version. All those improvements in one version will be a real step forward.

At that point we can reevaluate hypermail and see what makes the most sense. It may be that we will need to re-implement hypermail from the ground up. That decision is a ways down the road. First we need to get the low hanging fruit all onto a single tree. Sound reasonable ?  

Here is a list of patches that I have been sent.

If you have others, please send them to the list. These have not been been merged in yet as most have shown up in the last 24 hours. (The initial flurry suprised even me.)

I knew that Hypermail was a great tool and judging by the response I've gotten there is a real loyal user community out there. ;)

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