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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:20:47 -0500 (CDT)
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# It occurs to me that one of the first things you need to do is to get
# some sense of prioritization on that list of proposed enhancements.
# In that manner, you can perhaps break it into manageable chunks.

This makes total sense.

     0) Merge existing contributed patches

# Off the top of my head, I will offer my top priorities for Hypermail:
# 1) Full MIME compliance --

Daniel Stenberg <> submitted a patch that is a first step to supporting MIME. It replaces attachments with the message "** attachment type 'application/octet-stream;' left out". It does the proper parsing for most everything else so extending that to deal with the attachments will need to be done. It is a great start.

I'd like to see the attachments dealt with so that certain types of know formats could be automagically converted, much like MHonArc does. One issue will be storage. While many messages have just one enclosure, some have more than one so we will need to handle those.

# 2) Correct RFC821/822 Header Parsing -- this is the single biggest
# reason that Hypermail dumps core on me. I have compensated for
# the most offending instances of this by using Perl and shell
# pre-processing to "re-write" headers before they are handed
# off Hypermail. But this is really inefficient, and I keep finding
# new instances of such problems cropping up all the time.

Yes this is a biggy. I'd be interested in any sample headers sets or needed workarounds that could be used in testing and verification of fixes.

# 3) Configurable Setting (.hmrc file) to a Pointer/URL for Custom
# Header and Footer Files -- currently, Hypermail does not include
# anything except the HTML message body (payload, I guess) when
# it does it's output.

Yes. My {list}_print.c method of the past needs to be left there. ;) We need to be able to specify a template in some fashion that would allow for list index and list message page customzation.

# 4) Configurable Setting (.hmrc file) or Compile Time Variable to
# Domain-ize Addresses -- addresses appearing in the RFC822 field
# which lack hostname can't be made into proper HREFs when Hypermail
# does it's thing. For a good example of the problem I am talking
# about, look at message numbers 0001.html and 0002.html on

Hmmmm... You know I've not been paying attention. You are right. This should be easy enough to fix and it needs to be.

Thanks Craig. Good set of priorities. Sounds like a good plan.

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