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From: Nick Arnett <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 17:07:02 -0700
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At 04:09 PM 4/23/98 -0500, Kent Landfield wrote:
># How large does HyperMail need to scale, in terms of number of messages and
># rate of update?
>I have had internal administrative lists that had 500 messages a day.
>Not pretty to deal with... We should do nothing that will dictate a
>size. Hardware should be the concern for massive lists, not internal
>software limitations.

Ouch. That hurts my product manager instincts for setting goals... ;-)

Let me put it more appropriately. Does anyone have performance goals based on a particular hardware configuration? For example, on a 166 MHz Pentium with 64K of memory and high-performance (fast-wide SCSI) storage, I'd like to be able to process at least 500 messages/hour. That's one message, on average, every 7 seconds, which sounds like it is no challenge to speak of.

I realize this is an informal effort, but I'd like to see if we're thinking along the same lines.



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