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From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 09:35:31 +0200
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This sure makes me feel like a real blabber-mouth since I write and write here, but yet hardly anyone responds...

Anyway, I have a question about the mailbox format that I hope you fellows can help me out with:

 Hypermail has major problems with mails containing lines that start with
"from " since it'll treat them as mail-separators(!) (which explains some of
my mysterious bugs I've seen and I guess a lot of you should've experienced)

 Sure, I changed this so that it'll require an empty line first and then a line starting with "From " (case sensitive). This seems to work. I think, although I haven't yet done any deeper research on this yet, that the mailbox format forbids that particular string to appear like that if not used as separator. I sent myself a test mail with Pine including lines starting with
"From " in the body, and Pine or some MTA translates them to ">From " when the
mail is stored.

 So, is the ">From " convertion something I should bother with? It does make hypermal treat and format the line as a quote which looks a bit odd. And if I should bother, what should I do about it?

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