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From: Roy Tennant <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 07:28:53 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>

I agree -- I like having as many configuration settings as is practical and possibly useful available to the individual user. That is why we have moved a number of configurations out of the C source into the user-controllable configuration file in SWISH-Enhanced. I urge the same for Hypermail. If I've learned anything over the years, I've learned that what pleases one person won't necessarily please all, so why not allow some latitude? Thanks,
Roy Tennant

On Mon, 11 May 1998, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Regarding config and hypermail

> Futher, I don't like that many interesting options to hypermail are set at
> compile time. One executable can possibly be used for a series of different
> mail list archives and settings.

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