Re: Thoughts on what's next

From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 17:39:21 -0500 (CDT)
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# 1) Complete control for HTML formatting (for example, I
# love the concept of the "menu" but don't particularly
# care for the implementatoin as it is now).

I'd be interested in seeing what you might have in mind. A sample page works for me.

# 2) I think a drop-in replacement of the original EIT Hypermail
# is a good idea even IF the only compatibility is the command
# line arguments.

Currently I thought is was if you didn't have a configuration file. In the old hypermail the configuration file took precedence over your command line arguments. That was not nice if you wanted to use a configuration file and make a quick run.

# 3) I would be forever in your debt if it were possible to
# re-format previously archived lists into the latest and
# greatest format. Most of the time, I have not been able to
# keep around the original email for all the lists I archive.

Yes, that's a real common need.

# 4) Locking to prevent race conditions is an old favorite
# of mine, as you know :)
# 5) Easy removal of a message from the archive (after locking
# is implemented, preferably :)
# 6) Archiving by date sent instead of date received.
# 7) Both "real documentation" (your words, not mine! :) and
# documentation on how things work internally.
# 8) NT support.

Sounds reasonable.

# Where I can help:
# I'm willing to work with you and/or others on the real documentation.

Good. As you might be able to tell, that's a place I need some help. ;)

# I can help with testing on Windows NT (workstation).
# I will continue to test on Solaris 2.5 for real time archives.
# I will start testing one Sun OS 4.1.x today or tomorrow latest.

NT will take a bit of porting still. ;)

# Not sure how formal your panel would be for the go-ahead on this
# release but I can certainly let you know when I think it's ready :)

What I want to do is find interested parties that wish to test a release and provide a go/no go vote on the particular release. I expect to put out a beta or three for each version depending on what is found initially. After that, when things seem stable, I plan on issuing a call for testers and let the testers bang on it. Then the testers can let everyone know where the warts are. I'll work with the testers to make sure things get fixed to their liking. When they think it's ready for prime time I'll cut a version release. I expect that the list of testers will change for each release.

Sound reasonable ?

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