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From: Paradise Cowgirl <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 17:10:03 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks for taking the time to clear this up - your post helped me tremendously in understanding how and when options are processed.

However, I think I found another bug. If I understand this correctly:

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Kent Landfield wrote:

> In the current version, the order of processing is
> 1. Defines in config.h
> 2. Environment Variables
> 3. Configuration file variables.
> 4. Command line options
> The command line options override the defaults that you have previously
> set so a temporary run means running it with different command line
> options set. This is different in that in you now inherit the values
> of the configuration file before the options on the command line are
> processed. Before you could not mix the two at all.

This is where I was confused earlier today when I was testing with the latest release (v2.0b2).

I had an existing archive with two messages in it. The configuration had the following two (pertinent) items set:

hm_mbox = NONE
hm_increment = 1

(this was left over from 20b1 in order to help get incremental updates to work)

I then used the following command line:

hypermail-2.00b2 -p -m "beta-wire" -x -l "U2 - Wire Archives" \

-c "/home/minerva/public_html/archives/beta-wire/.hmrc" \
-d "/home/minerva/public_html/archives/beta-wire" \
-b "" \
-a ""

to overwrite the existing archive with with a whole mailbox of messages (about 40 or so). What happened was that the archive

was updated with one reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long message :)

I *think* I understand you to be saying that the -x should HAVE overridden my config file entries and overwritten the existing archive with a whole new set messages from the one mailbox.

Is that correct? If so, then it's definitely a bug.

> Now you can have multiple lists that you want to look the same use a
> single config file and then specify the list specific "listname", "About"
> URL, and "Other Archives" URL on the command line. The config file will
> have the template files and other common items set. At the same time you
> can have additional lists that do or don't use config files as desired.

Now this I like and I think it is the right direction to go. (Except of course, my archives are all going to look different :)

> Config files were there before. I changed their useage according to
> requests Kevin received. (I've also now converted all the lists on
> to use them. Really much easier to manage than having
> to remember the compiled in defaults...)

I'm the first to admit it: this is my first time using configuration files and mostly I'm doing it to get the benefits of templates. If it's possible to leave most of the config values undefined, then that might also be a better approach for me.


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