Re: Bug#23451: hypermail: <br> inside <pre></pre>

From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 09:09:35 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>

# > Hmm. I'll take a look and make sure it is the same as the 1.02. It should
# > only print a select set of headers.
# >
# > if (!strncmp(bp->line, "From:", 5) ||
# > !strncmp(bp->line, "To:", 3) ||
# > !strncmp(bp->line, "Date:", 5) ||
# > !strncmp(bp->line, "Subject:", 8)) {
# > fprintf(fp, "<STRONG>%s</STRONG><BR>\n", bp->line);
# > }

# This shown part is only used when printing attached mails' headers, not the
# normal ones. As previously stated, these might be written with strncasecmp()
# instead.

Yes. I noticed this after I began looking in the right place... sigh.

# Hypermail 2 has a very much improved header parser, and as a benefit from that
# it also has much better knowledge of what kind of line each lines is in the
# input. The version 2 *parser* does not filter off any line based on what
# header line it is. The *output* function will therefore, if it selects to
# output all header lines, actually show every single header line that was
# present in the input mail.
# I introduced this side-effect with no intent, but I do think its a good thing# for the output function to do the filtering, cause it will be easier to pick
# and use exactly whatever header line it wants without. The 'show headers'
# could very well use a list of which headers to diplay for maximum control.
# IMHO. (Of course we could still make a backwards compatibility mode using the# former syntax and output.)

I don't use showheaders. Do others that do think this is a worthwhile addition ?

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