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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 23:13:45 -0700
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>Well if you could be a little more specific you could probably
>get help from the list.

Coming up!

> What kind of installation assistance do you need ?

Generous, patient, lots!

> Have ISP Planning, Installation debugging ?

They are not very helpful... I do not have admin access so I am handicapped that way.
If I could experiment around I might be able to get it going myself... they won't allow access to *.conf files except to view and I am sure that there are other restrictions on my use of which I am not aware. Can't get "make" to go.... however I was just tinkering and may not have been where I needed to be to make that happen.... It is all generally greek to me but I am determined to set it up and use it. It would be a great tool for my community.

Bit of a learning curve but I am game...

>It also might
>help to know the type of platform and operating system you are
>installing this on.

Use ISPs Sparc with Solaris 2.6 NCSA / Apache Server... have NT access but want to steer away from that.

I would be willing to work together with someone in real time using simultaneous phone conv / telnet, ftp and of cource www to set it up. Would be willing to pay for time... within reason.

I want to understand what it is doing behind the scenes so I can manage it my self at some point.

Have some Unix, CGI, and HTML experience and would eventually "get it" it on my own but if I can find a hungry or helping hand to expedite.... all the better.

Sorry for the rather non specific first... did not know the waters... Thanks for the rapid response.... I am sold on the concept and am anxious to get it up and running.

My goal is to have my own server eventually.... what I hope to gain here is the knowledge that will allow me to install and or manage it elsewhere in the future.

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