From: Tom von Alten <>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:14:15 -0600
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> You could test this yourself by getting a test mailbox, editing all the
> dates to assure they are in the year 2000, 2001 and run the latest
> version of hypermail available to you. Then see what happens.

> Chances are it will work as it should.

Just gave it a whirl, with a 3-msg mbox. Hacked '1998' to '2000' (for two) and '2001' (for one) in the message headers.

Piped it into a clean archive with 'testhm' and looked at the result.

Thread index shows messages starting Mon 15 Jun 1970, ending Thu 24 Sep 1970. Bummer; it not only thinks 2000 is 1970, but it thinks 2001 is also.

Took a quick look to try and find the offending code, but nothing obvious jumped out at me. Suspects include:

  line 200 of file.c adding 1900 to now->tm_year

  CENTURY defined as 1900, and BASEYEAR defined as 1970 in hypermail.h

  functions "splitshortdate" and "convtoshortdate" in date.c manipulate things in terms of 2 digit years, not a good sign. The latter is designed to handle an explicit string with the 4 digit year and chop it to 2 digits.

So, 2.0b3, at least is not ready for the millennium. I would definitely add this as a "must" for the release of 2.0, and am willing to work on it if (oh, I hate to say this...) I can find the time. :-)

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