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From: David S. Cargo <escargo_at_anubis.network.com_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 11:56:23 -0600
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Hi. My name is David S. Cargo, and I have been using the EIT version of hypermail since January. A team of students, myself included, wrote a GUI front end to hypermail for a graphical user interface design class taught at the University of Minnesota during winter quarter, 1998 (CSCI 5110, User Interface Design, Implementation, and Evaluation, to be specific).

Our project was written in Tk, and was intended to sit between hypermail and a user, allowing the user to specify processing between UNIX mailboxes and HTML output. We had anticipated that we could add some external filtering to hypermail so that mail messages could be excluded or have their subjects modified so that the HTML pages could correct for topic drift.

Many of the parameters that are part of the .hmrc file (at least for hypermail 1.02).

If there was any interest, it might be possible to extend the GUI to the new hypermail if it were known what features were going added.

The Tk front end that we had ran on Windows95, Solaris 2.5, Linux 2.0.29, and Linux 2.0.32; it ran best where Tk 8.0 was supported.

I would be happy to discuss what we had in mind for filtering, in the event that hypermail might get filtering added in a native way.

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