Hypermail-2.0b3 on a 34000+ msg archive

From: J Kinsley <jkinsley_at_beyond-the-illusion.com_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 02:13:51 -0500 (EST)
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Yesterday I generated a 34,000+ message archive with hypermail-2.0b3. After having a problem with a long subject header in a message in another archive, I thought I would have had more problems than I did. Before building the archive, I recompiled hypermail with several of the static buffers doubled in size. As a result, I did not encounter any line length or field length problems at all. In fact, out of all the messages, only nine (9) caused any problems.

I have placed the nine messages on my ftp server at ftp://ftp.bticc.net/junk/hypermail. Out of the nine, only message 15434 and 28764 caused a seg fault. Neither of these two messages contain excessively long lines. However, both contain some 7bit MIME gibberish. The other seven messages as well as 15434 all contain HTML code within the message body. When these messages were encountered by hypermail in an mbox file, hypermail quit processing the mbox file at the message appearing right before the problem message.

The messages in the archive are stored in news format, and I use a perl script to convert them to mbox format. Since the gzipped mbox files are 2-5 MB each, I do not have any currently available for download. If anyone needs an mbox, I will make one from the raw news articles.

Now, after putting this archive up, I have a request for a feature to be added to hypermail. When a date index is generated, I would like to see each date placed in the index with that days messages indented below it. Something similar to the author and subject indexes. Also, since the thread index is also sorted by date, it might not be a bad idea to do the same thing there even if a new message may end up in a thread from a previous day. It would still make it easier to find messages based upon the date in large indexes.

There is one other thing I noticed, too. When hm_reverse = 1, and the archive is being updated with each new message, the new messages still end up at the bottom of the index. I noticed this one time, and turned hm_reverse off. I will look further into it perhaps on the weekend.

Anyway, I must say that hypermail-2.0b3 is far superior to hypermail-1.x. Keep up the excellent work.

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