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From: Martin Schulze <joey_at_finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 12:42:45 +0100
Message-ID: <19981112124245.F3749_at_finlandia.infodrom.north.de>


I haven't seen my last two postings come through yet. I hope this one runs through.

For a specific mail archive I'd like to hypermail to display *all* header lines not just a few of them. I'm archiving antispam efforts on the web (http://www.infodrom.north.de/Infodrom/antispam/) and without headers it's kind of rediculous.

Hypermail comes with a way to define a static set of headers to display. For my needs this isn't sufficient.

Thus I have introduced a new pseudo header ``*'' which results in hypermail printing out all headers. In your configuration you only have to sed "hm_show_headers=*" and "hm_showheaders=1" and you're done.

Please find attached a clean patch that implements this behaviour combined with adjusted documentation.

I also noticed that hypermail behaves "strange" when an attachement contains a complete mail including header fields.

Index: docs/hmrc.4

RCS file: /home/archive/debian/hypermail/docs/hmrc.4,v retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.1.1.1 hmrc.4
--- hmrc.4	1998/09/10 07:49:19
+++ hmrc.4	1998/11/12 11:32:19

_at_@ -308,7 +308,9 @@
.B hm_show_headers = list_of_RFC_Headers_to_display
 This is the list of headers to be displayed if hm_showheaders is set to  1 (TRUE). They can be listed comma or space separated all on a single -line.
+line.  If it contains the special character ``*''
+.B hypermail
+will display all header lines.

.B hm_inline_types = which_image_types_should_be_inlined
 This is the list of MIME types that you want inlined as opposed to Index: docs/hypermail.1

RCS file: /home/archive/debian/hypermail/docs/hypermail.1,v retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.1.1.1 hypermail.1
--- hypermail.1	1998/09/10 07:49:19
+++ hypermail.1	1998/11/12 11:34:23

_at_@ -199,9 +199,7 @@
.B 1

  to show the article header lines in the archived HTML files. These lines  typically include the
-.B "To:", "From:",
-.B "Subject:"

+.BR "To:" , " From: " and " Subject:"
 information found in most email messages.
.B HM_SHOWHTML boolean_number

_at_@ -381,6 +379,10 @@

   hm_show_headers = Date
   hm_show_headers = Message-ID

+As a special case you can use the identifier ``*'' as header to tell
+.B hypermail
+to display all header lines.

.B HM_INLINE_TYPES image data types to inline
Index: src/print.c

RCS file: /home/archive/debian/hypermail/src/print.c,v retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.1.1.1 print.c
--- print.c	1998/09/10 07:49:20
+++ print.c	1998/11/12 11:26:45

_at_@ -253,7 +253,7 @@  

 int showheader(char *header)
- return (inlist(show_headers, header)); + return (inlist(show_headers, header) || inlist(show_headers, "*"));  }  



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