Re: hypermail processes hanging around

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:26:30 +0100 (MET)
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On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Josh Rotenberg wrote:

> anyway, this all seems to work, like i said. the problem, however, is
> that it seems that once in a while, hypermail doesn't finish its job, and
> i end up with a bunch of running hypermail processes, sometimes driving
> the load up quite high on the machine.

That's really odd. You should try to see if there's anything in common with those situations. Like mail format etc.

> my guess is that its a locking problem somewhere along the chain, but im
> not sure where. it could very well have nothing to do with hypermail and
> be a procmail thing, too, but i figured i would cover all bases.

 Hypermail b3 doesn't do any locking itself! So if there are "hanging" hypermail processes on your machine and they're using CPU (which they have to since so you say they drive the load up), they're somehow doing something in a loop that they shouldn't. I can't think of anything else to blame than hypermail for this, as it sounds.

 But if you can't reproduce the problem on purpose, it is gonna be a tough one to catch!

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