Found the index clobbering daemon!

From: Tom von Alten <>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:35:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Regarding the update from a file clobbering the indexes, there was an inappropriate connection between the "update archive with only one message" and the "update from a mbox file," and that was fixed in the post-2b3 version I got from Kent, and forwarded to Daniel.

However, a new problem - albeit with a similar symptom - was apparently been introduced. Here's what I observed:

With an existing (v2b3+) archive with, say, 300 messages in it, a new message is brought in with

   hypermail -c .hmrc -u -m mboxfile -l blah -d blah -a blah -b blah

where the mboxfile has exactly one message in it. After processing without complaint, the indexes now have ONE message listed, with the subject of the new message, but pointing to the pre-existing 0000.html.

There is no 0300.html written to the archive; the incoming message is apparently lost.

I played around a bit with the .hmrc, trying both hm_increment = 0
hm_increment = 1
(but shouldn't the -u in the command line override this anyway?) and neither worked.

I also had one line with a trailing space which I tried turning on and off to no avail.

Finally, I removed all the spaces around the '=' signs in the assignments, putting them in old sh type form (and adding "" where the argument had a space in it). E.g.,

That solved the index clobbering, and I now have 2b12 under test.

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