Message sorting problem with Hypermail - 1.02 and 2.0b3

From: Edward Spodick, HKUST Library, 2358-6743 <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 15:04:48 +0800
Message-Id: <v04020a07b2ba091fa475_at_[]>

It seems that 2.0b3 has the same problem that was causing us to move away from 1.02 - messages received in 1999 are not sorted correctly.

You can see this behavior at

Note that the "Ending:" is listed as "Sun Dec 19 1999 - 10:48:00 HKT"

The last message sent in 1998 was sent on Sat, 19 December and is listed in the 'Date view' and 'Thread view' as being the most recent. Two messages sent in 1999 are listed in the correct order in the 'Author view' (see message with subject 'Academic Universe'. Also, all of the 'next message' and 'previous message' links are correct.

Does anyone know of a patch/fix for this? Or should I just move to MhonArc, since the lists we use hypermail for are small?

Edward Spodick, Systems Librarian
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