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From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 15:26:04 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
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On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Does anyone have any objections against us starting from my 2b13 version to
> move on?

        Yeah, I do, together with everyone else who were complaining about several of the beta ones. They crash with a SEGFAULT, generating minimal core files, and or generating next to nothing for core that cannot be traced either way you try to figure out why it's crashing. This has been the case for a while, and for several people who have reported this problem. And everytime, the same answer came back: 'Well, it doesn't crash on my machine, or I cannot reproduce it. Let's just go on.' Sorry, that's not enough. This is also why a lot of people stuck with the 2b3 version and are (eternally) waiting for Kent's b4 version. Why? Because his works without problems.

> I believe in very frequent releaes and a verbose communication between beta
> testers and developers. Beta versions aren't beta for no reason, they are
> still in developing state.

        Yes, I also believe in work being done. What I don't believe in is in frequent, cripple releases. Or at least, if they're frequent, they work on fixing the problem before continuing on other matters.

> I'm working on setting up a CVS server, but until we have any such I believe
> tar-packages uploaded to public sites aren't that bad.

        I have a cvs server setup on my machine, I just don't have any source to put on it (nor do I have anyone to keep an eye on it considering that I don't know all the necessary requirements to make the thing work properly). It's just setup as far as the init goes, that's it. As one, no, make that two of my recent posts said, I donated my server as cvs, mail and web if needed.

> Once again, my most recent develop-version is at:
> I'd love to be a part of an active team developing this further to a perfect
> product!

        Current problems needs to be addressed before continuing with others. And if something cannot be resolved because it can't be reproduced elsewhere, then we have a problem. I never released any of my apps without knowing that it works 100% on all the supported platforms it was meant to work on. I never favor one over the other.


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