Feedback on 2b13

From: Paradise Cowgirl <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 20:55:48 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

Hello, all,

Here's my current feedback on 2b13, compiled on Solaris 2.5 with gcc version

Archive: mbox: (126K) .hmrc:

Configured/compiled as is.

Archived existing mbox archived with:

	#/bin/rm -f /home/minerva/public_html/archives/beta-horse/*.html
	/home/minerva/bin/hypermail-2b13 -x -p \
	  -m  "/home/minerva/mail/model-horse" \
	  -l "TEST Haynet Archives" \
	  -c "/home/minerva/public_html/archives/beta-horse/.hmrc" \
	  -d "/home/minerva/public_html/archives/beta-horse" 

Archive then updated "realtime" via procmail with:

        |/home/minerva/bin/hypermail-2b13 -i -u \

-l "TEST Archives: Model Horse" \
-c "/home/minerva/public_html/archives/beta-horse/.hmrc" \
-d "/home/minerva/public_html/archives/beta-horse/" \
-b "" \
-a ""

The bad news:

    -x does NOT delete .html's in the archive directory so then the second

	time I archive the whole mbox, I get two of everything, the third
	time I get three of everything, etc.

    (hence the rm -f from above used hereafter)


	email address not correct: <janisw_at_6> (top and bottom of page)
	email address not converted into an URL <janisw_at_6> (top/bottom of page)
	email addresses in "footer" not correct
	email addresses in "footer" not converted into URLs

Minor annoyance(s):

    Once the archive was generated from an existing mbox, updates to the     same archive via procmail caused the message total to be wrong (doubled     plus one, I think)

Good news:

    URLs with "&" are converted correctly     This is almost a workable version (for me)

Current feature requests:

    file locking


I support the goals and aims of the OpenNET Coalition -- help promote the 
rights of all consumers to obtain affordable high-speed access to the 
Internet from the provider of their choice!
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