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From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 21:54:50 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
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        CVS Server is up and running folks.


        The 'cvs' user doesn't have a password, so just hit return when it asks you for one. Also, the cvs user only has read access, so don't try to do anything funny. :)

        Currently imported sources are hypermail-2b3, -2b13 and -2a14. All three are accesible by the cvs user.

        For those of you who have never used a cvs server to grab sources, here's a short rundown of the thing:

          For sh, bash and ksh users, execute the following commands:
	  export CVSROOT

	  (or you can stick them in your .profile and/or .bash_profile file)

	  For C shell users (csh, tcsh), you can do the following:

	  setenv CVSROOT

	  (or stick it in your .cshrc and/or .login file)

- From here you can login to the server with:
# cvs login (Logging in to CVS password: <-- hit RETURN (cvs user password is blank)
- Now you're ready to grab the source for whichever hypermail version
you want, 2b3, 2b13 or 2a14 (thanks to Daniel): # cvs checkout hypermail-<version> This will create a mirror of the sources in your account/on your machine called 'hypermail-<version>' that you can then compile and play with (just play safe and clean, ok?)
- Once done, don't forget to log out:
# cvs logout All of the above commands can be performed without having to set a
CVSROOT enviroment if you want, it's just a lot more to type in since you'll have to specify the directory every time with:


        ej: cvs -d login


        AMK4         PS: No word from Kent yet?

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