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From: David D. Kilzer <ddkilzer_at_ti.com_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 15:38:29 -0600
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Below is an excerpt from a discussion I had with Terry Howerton <terry_at_scouter.com>, who runs the Scouter web site.

  http://www.scouter.com/ [main web site]   http://archives.scouter.com/ [Hypermail archives]

Important notes from this discussion:

  o Terry's former IS employee compiled Hypermail under Win32 and got it     to work. Terry would like to see precompiled Win32 binaries for     Hypermail in the future.

  o Terry needed a listserv to mbox format converter since the mailing     list software he users under Windows saves the files in listserv     format. I had already written one in Perl, ls2mail, that is     currently being used by Patrick Douglas Crispen     <crispen_at_netsquirrel.com> for the ADV-HTML archives web site.


    I will check with Patrick to see if this can be included with     Hypermail as a "contrib" program.

    Eventually I suppose it would be nice if you could tell Hypermail     which format you're using (or if it would auto-recognize the format     on its own).


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Hi Terry,

Glad to know that worked.

I'm afraid that "decompiling" an *.exe from Windows won't help much with respect to creating a Windows binary in the future. What we really need is the source code (or the modifications) that your IS guy did to make it compile and work.

Without the source code (or the modifications), it may take a while to get a Win32 target working again. I will pass this message onto the list, though, for their review. (I'm sure they'll be happy to know it's definitely possible.)

I'll also see about including the "ls2mail" perl script in the Hypermail distribution as well.


Terry Howerton <terry_at_scouter.com> wrote:

>YEAH! The hm_increment did the trick (actually that line was not even in the
>config file).
>Thank you for all your help.
>I leave you now with one final question...
>... as you all code the new version of Hypermail, will you take into account
>those of us who want to use the app on NT, and provide a compiled version
>for Win32 platforms? I would be happy to share my .exe file with you, if it
>can be "de-compiled" and you can see what my IS guy did to make it work
>correctly. Unfortunately, if that isn't possible, I don't have access to the
>source files.
>Good luck to you, and again, thank you for all of your help.
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>Hi Terry,
>I couldn't find the exact message, but I think I found the problem:
>You need to set "hm_increment" to "0" so it will read the entire mailbox
>instead of just one message. (If it's currently set to 1, this is
>almost assuredly the problem.)
>Let me know if that works.
>BTW, "hm_overwrite" should be set to "1" if you're dumping the january
>index back into the same directory, otherwise set it to "0" for a new
>Terry Howerton <terry_at_scouter.com> wrote:
>>I tried changing the overwrite option, but I can't find any documentation
>>reference to the other two line options you suggested.
>>It doesn't appear that changing the overwrite option will solve the problem
>>either. I'll wait to hear from you tomorrow. Thanks.
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>>Subject: RE: Hypermail
>>Hmmm...only doing one message in the digest? That sounds vaguely familiar.
>>I think some versions of Hypermail had a bug that did this.
>>I think there was a work-around, but I can't remember what it was off-hand.
>>(I believe the work-around included turning on or off one other feature in
>>the config file or on the command line.
>>I'll try to look up the info tomorrow at work (where all my email on
>>Hypermail is). In the meantime, try enabling or disabling the "overwrite"
>>option or "create new index" option or the "append" option in the config
>>file. Perhaps one of those will make it work.
>>On 03/01/1999, Terry Howerton wrote:
>>>No space. And I just tried running it on the original format, to no avail
>>>(good suggestion though).
>>>I also tried renaming the corrected file without the .txt extension and
>>>a .mbox extension.
>>>It is processing the list fine... it's just not seeing more than one
>>>I turned monitoring on, and while processing Hypermail reports Reading new
>>>header (not headers, as it does when reading the old headers).
>>>BTW, I had to delete the old HTML files, because Hypermail kept crashing
>>>after it read about 260 of those old messages. That's just an aside, since
>>>know you are working on the redevelopment of this program.
>>>Are we missing something that should be between these messages? It is
>>>possible that the Hypermail I have was modified to read a different kind
>>>mailbox format, but I can't imagine what.
>>>Is it possible that the version of Hypermail I have simply won't read a
>>>digest? Maybe we need to modify that perl script you wrote to parse each
>>>message into a separate text file, instead of just one big one. Then is it
>>>reasonable that I could use a wildcard in my config file to specify the
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>>>From: David D. Kilzer [mailto:ddkilzer_at_earthlink.net]
>>>Sent: Monday, March 01, 1999 9:35 PM
>>>To: terry_at_scouter.com
>>>Subject: RE: Hypermail
>>>Hi Terry,
>>>If there is a blank line(s) at the top of the output file, try deleting
>>>The "delimiter" that Hypermail is looking for is every line that looks
>>>"From address date".
>>>Unless your former sys admin modified Hypermail to work with the listserv
>>>format, Hypermail should be using Unix mbox-formatted archives.
>>>On 03/01/1999, Terry Howerton wrote:
>>>>Well, we are definitely getting close! I was able to convert the mailbox,
>>>>and successfully create a config file and run Hypermail. It processed it,
>>>>but unfortunately the converted mailbox format was not read correctly by
>>>>It processed the entire digest as just one message (so apparently it is
>>>>looking for a delimiter between messages that is not there).
>>>>Below is a snip from the converted digest. Any ideas?
>>>>>From CathyWithaC_at_FOOTBALLMAIL.COM Fri Jan 1 02:40:45 1999
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>>>>From: Jan Mussler <mussler_at_SPOT.COLORADO.EDU>
>>>>Subject: Arrow of Light Award Ideas
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>>>>Your local chapter of the Order of the Arrow may be scheduled to come and
>>>>do a ceremony. This is what we plan to do. If that's not possible,
>>>>are a number of ceremonies in various BSA resources, Roundtable hand-outs
>>>>and web sites which could help you with the cremony piece.
>>>>In a question I posed a couple months ago, it appears a "gift" is not
>>>>necessary but something to commemorate the achievement might be. Here's
>>>>what I'm doing -
>>>>I made career arrows for each of the boys in the den, as we will be
>>>>crossing over to Boy Scouts at the same Pack Meeting. The career arrow
>>>>has "hash marks" of colored tape to note the different achievements of
>>>>Cub/Webelo experience. As such, each arrow will be unique to the boy.
>>>>Note: buy your colored tape at Radio Shack or similar electrical store
>>>>where you can get multiple colors in one pack. It was lots more
>>>>to buy single rolls at the Hardware store (which I did). Develop your
>>>>color scheme. I used black for Bobcat (8 marks) and a wider mark for the
>>>>Badge, Yellow for Wolf (12 marks), Blue for Bear (24 marks), Silver duct
>>>>tape for the arrow points, Red or green for Webelos, you get the picture.
>>>>If your records are good, you could add a mark for camps attended,
>>>>Religious Award, Conservation Award etc. I made black "Tiger Tails" to
>>>>hang off the front of the arrow for those boys who started as Tigers; a
>>>>black tail for those who started out at some other grade to signify the
>>>>Bobcat tail. I tied a feather off the feathered end to signify their
>>>>continued trail to Eagle. I bought wooden arrows, then fiberglass to
>>>>like wood when I couldn't get more wood arrows. One Scouts-L Scouter
>>>>he made the arrows from dowel and added the real fletching feathers.
>>>>would have been a nice touch as most arrows have flourescent plastic
>>>>"feathers". We have a local rock shop and I bought recently made
>>>>arrowheads for 3 for $1. I hot glued them over the metal arrowtip and
>>>>lashed them with fake sinew (got at Michaels, Tandy would have). BTW, I
>>>>cut the tape neatly with my quilting (drafting) ruler and rotary cutter.
>>>>I can't imagine doing Scouting without either tool.
>>>>For those boys who wnet on to earn AOL, I made plaques as I said. I wood
>>>>burned letters on a piece of cedar house siding and will varotheme it. I
>>>>think it looks pretty neat, considering I've never done this before. My
>>>>intent is that the arrows can be hung from the plaque. In this manner,
>>>>everyone gets recognized with the career arrow, but the boys who made the
>>>>effort to get AOL get a little something more. The plaques were
>>>>inexpensive except for the time.
>>>>Hope that helps.
>>>>Jan Mussler, Webelos Den Leader, Pack 170
>>>>Nederland, CO - Long's Peak Council
>>>>Arapahoe District

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