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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 15:48:56 -0500 (EST)
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Daniel, et al.

Per your request for feedback on performance of hypermail-2a14-pl2

I pulled down the source code and compiled it on Digital Unix 4.0a. It compiled without a hitch, and seems to run.

However, I ran into a couple of snafus:

   o On a message with the following "From: " header, the program

      dumped core on me.

      From: "DANIEL SCHAEFFER"<daniel_schaeffer_at_kirkland.com>

      Note: by examining the core, I determined it was this message 
      and examined the headers.  I altered the line above as such:

      From: "DANIEL SCHAEFFER" <daniel_schaeffer_at_kirkland.com>
                              ^--added space

      and it ran without a problem.  Previous was probably a malformed
      header, I will admit.  But seems like the program could be a 
      little more forgiving in the parsing.

   o Secondly, in the options.h I opted for:

#define SHOW_HEADERS "Date,From,To,Subject,Message-ID,In-Reply-To,References"

      Problem is, hypermail included everything in the headers when it 
      was marking up the message.  I got all the Received lines, X- line, 
      MIME version, Content-Type, etc.  Everything...

#define SHOW_HEADERS seems to be a new feature to this release of
the code. Is the coding to support it complete? It clearly didn't limit itself to the fields I defined above. Oh, I was calling hypermail with the -c flag to point at a different configuration file. Would this affect the settings above? The configuration file in question does not have values in it overriding these pre-compiled settings. Am I correct in believing that you only need to include settings in the the .hmrc file you want to override the settings defined at compile time in options.h? Thought that is how it always used to be...

That's it for now. I'll be working on this all evening, and probably all night. Expect a few more messages...

Oh, BTW... the mark up seems considerably faster than the 2.0b2 software I last used.


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