Strange link-following bug?

From: <>
Date: 8 Mar 1999 22:37:26 -0500
Message-ID: <>


Running hypermail-2alpha14 on a LinuxPPC system here. Is anyone else seeing a tendency for Hypermail to write its lock file and then just sit there waiting for "something"? When I use it in my productive web directories, it does this. When I use it on a directory in my home account, it works fine.

The permissions are not the problem. And the delivery setups are the same. In fact, both directories are on the same volume - only the paths differ. This is really stumping me, and it's the second variation of this problem I've seen. I couldn't use Hypermail to generate html in the productive area, so I had to create a link there which pointed to my home account to get it working. When I created a link in my home account pointing to the productive area (exact same path name) it stopped working!

Weird! Received on Tue 09 Mar 1999 05:37:56 AM GMT

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