Re: Suggestions for hypermail - I may even be willing to help implement some of them

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:48:31 +0100 (MET)
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On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Fred Cohen wrote:

First of all, thanks for a lot of interesting and thrilling ideas!

> 1) Cross reference by "to" field - very handy for OUTBOUND email.

Yes, I'd like a better system to build "cross references" to all sorts of things easier.

> 2) Create a cross-reference by author that crosses all archive sets (I do
> things by month, but would like the author index to cross all time).

That would mean that hypermail should by itself get a better grip of time-split archives, I mean where to find different archives from different times etc.

> 3) Dates should optionally be allowed to appear as YYYY MM DD format -
> particularly nice for sorting!

Ideally, the dates should be formatted using some kind of "%y %m %d"-type coded strings.

> 4) I would like to see a command line option for adding a mailbox to an
> existing archive.

Doesn't it already?

> The idea would be to create one giant archive that allows views by
> author, by date, etc. - but with hierarchies of dates (see all, see
> year, see month, see week, see day, (in my case) see hour.

I'd love that!

> 5) It would be very nice to be able to sort by inbound / and outbound
> users so that both the from and the to mails for a particular individual
> would be grouped together.

Hm, how would you like to control such a things? I mean config wise.

> 6) A step further would be to set up an interface to an SQL or perl
> database so that cross-references by arbitrary items (as well as
> user-defined classifications of things) could be selected for search and
> presentation. This would move toward an email database that could be
> interlinked with other databases - such as date book, phone book, etc.

I'd love such an option.

Unfortunately, I am the only developer on hypermail at this time and my time is limited and from time to time very limited.

> Always wishing...

Wishing is good! I wish we were a few more people deeper involved in this project. Docs, web pages, more programming, more...

Well, well, we're making progress. We just have to let things take its time. We'll get there in time!

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