preliminary index TABLE support release

From: <>
Date: 23 Mar 1999 21:59:35 -0500
Message-ID: <>


I've placed a version of Hypermail 2.0a16 modified with TABLE support for the index Subject/Author/Date listing at

One of the 4 index formats (author, date, thread, subject) uses Server Side Includes to force display of Date in the listing, because the code did not appear to support it. Daniel is addressing this in the next release.

I've been using this release for nearly a week with no problems. Patches have been shipped to Daniel and he will be including them in the next release. I simply view this as an interim release for those who love to get a sneak peek and try out the new -T switch to use tables.

This completes my contribution to the project, and promise that I would deliver table support. From my observations, HyperMail 2.0 is now every bit as good as my old hacked 1.02 code, and better! I am contemplating a productive switch to 2.0 soon.

In your hypermail.rc file, you would simply add:
# hm_indextable = [ 0 | 1 ] #
# Setting this variable to 1 will tell Hypermail to generate
# message index Subject/Author/Date listings using a nice table
# format. Set to 0 if you want the original Hypermail index look.
hm_indextable = 1

Enjoy, Received on Wed 24 Mar 1999 05:00:53 AM GMT

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