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From: Ron Brogden <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:23:11 -0700
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At 03:46 PM 4/21/99 +0200, you wrote:
>I'm getting quite annoyed by this.
>*Any hypermail version downloaded off is ANCIENT!*

I definitely mean nothing personal by this and definitely no slight against the kind folks continuing to develop Hypermail. I need to point out though that the Landfield site is both the source of the mailing list (suggesting that it is both current and the official site) and the following quote from the "dast" site suggests that if you want stability you should use the Landfield version:


2.0b3 is the last one put out while Kent was still project maintainer. It has proven to be
pretty stable, perhaps the most stable of the last year's collection. You may opt for this
one. This doesn't work with very long lines very well... <<<<

Personally I automatically chose this version (I need stability and do not need MIME decoding). My reading of this page was that the latest updates were more along the lines of "bleeding edge" as opposed to "safe for consumption".

As an aside, version 2 alpha 18 will not compile cleanly under SunOS4.* using GCC. The Landfield version compiled with no complaints.


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