Re: Multi-part Alternative/Related problems

From: Richard Karash <>
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 16:21:14 -0400
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Thank you, David. I will give 2.0a20 a try.

FWIW, the problem in 2.0b3 seems to be with multi-part/alternative. When I create a similar msg with structure



  -end of Related-

...the results are OK.

Many thanks to all of you who are contributing to Hypermail. I'm been running a large mailing list web-archive with hypermail for years; I'm looking forward to being able to include inline graphics and html mail.

>Hypermail 2.0b3 is old. Please give the latest release (2.0a20) a try.
>Also note that there is now a CVS archive available.
>Richard Karash <> wrote:
>>I'm working with hypermail 2.0b3
>>Much is going very well.
>>However, I have a msg that causes problems.
>>The msg was created in Eudora Pro, it has a .gif graphic in the middle of
>>the msg.
>>The msg structure created by Eudora Pro is:
>> multi-part/Related
>> multi-part/alternative
>> text/plain
>> text/html
>> -end of alternative-
>> image/gif
>> -end of Related-
>>When I process a mailbox including the above msg, hypermail:
>> - Fails to show the msg in the count, in the index, and in the directory
>> - Writes the .gif file, but it's size is zero
>> - Fails to do anything with any of the following messages in the mailbox.
>>Is the problem with the multipart/Related or with the text/html? My game
>>plan is to strip out one or the other (i.e., so hypermail presents the msg
>>as text with gif shown inline).
>>Or, can hypermail use the text/html version of the msg to give the same
>>presentation (graphic in the middle of the msg) as appears in Eudora or
>>Netscape mail client?
>>(Environment: SGI/IRIX. Everything worked "right out of the box." Msgs with
>>attachments work file. Inline .jpg works fine.)
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