RE: v2a20 formatting and date problems

From: Tom von Alten <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 12:01:46 -0600
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Following Paul Haldane's response and inspecting the isoreceived and isosent tags, along with my system mail log, I think the misordering of the messages is an artifact from my sending system's mail handling. That is, the messages were not forwarded on to the hypermail system in the same order as I intended.

Paul wrote:
> I'm _reasonably_ confident that the date index will be properly
> sorted (according to the date in the 'From ' line).

and Daniel told me that the thread index processes dates the same way as the date index. The *reordering* of messages that I observed - isn't yet explained, but I'm happy to not worry about it for the moment. (Here's what I described earlier:

| In one test with six such messages, the most recent one was sent
| to the wrong end of the list:
|   18:18:29 Msg #5
|   18:18:28 Msg #4
|   18:18:27 Msg #3
|   18:18:25 Msg #2
|   18:18:24 Msg #1
|   18:18:30 Msg #6
| I sent a new message, and the order righted itself! Msg 7,6,...1.

Inspecting things after the fact, they seem to be properly ordered, as received.)

My primary concern with multiple messages arriving close together was to make sure the file locking was working, and I think I'm satisfied there.

On to 2a21 for the date issue, and I'll put the little patch I identified for print.c in, to allow [ hm_showhtml = 0 ] to work as it should. I'm a little suprised no one else noticed this; I typically want to compose, send and view email with a fixed-pitch font, since that's the only way to get consistent horizontal formatting in plain text.

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