Re: installation Q - options.h

From: Craig A Summerhill <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 01:48:14 -0400 (EDT)
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On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Otis Gospodnetic <> wrote:
> So I got the latest, 2a22 version, but couldn't find a way to configure
> things before compiling HM like I did before in options.h.
> Or is everything done via flags at the run time and all I really have to do
> now is run configure, make, and make install?

Yeah, that is it. Just configure, make, make install.

Daniel is trying to make it a little simplier to issue a product which would compile on multiple platforms and be easier to support. You can use command line flags for some things... chief among them the '-c' file to specify a stored external .hmrc file.

Since updating the documentation isn't moving as quickly as updating the code, you can use 'hypermail -v' to generate a a blank template for your .hmrc file.

   csh> hypermail -v > .hmrc

Then edit .hmrc file with your favorite text editor.


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