RE: possible bug (was: options.h)

From: Otis Gospodnetic <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 08:49:37 -0400
Message-ID: <000601beae88$b43e9c60$>

> > Paul has already written code that deals with these problems in
> a "nicer"
> > way. You're free to get it from the CVS server. I haven't considered it
> > major enough to release a new tar package.
> I've not committed the change to generate new msgids for messages with no
> msgid yet (in fact looking at the source, I've not even written it - not a
> problem - I've got most of it written already).
> I'll probably make this optional behaviour. In my situation I'd probably
> want to treat missing/duplicate msgids as an error but I understand that
> other people may not.

Discarding messages with null Msg IDs may also be an option... or generating fake ones is okay.. just not stopping or dying....

> If I can get handling of missing msgids done and tested today then we
> could push out another release. There's also Tom van Alten's formatting
> patch and the mutt mime separator patch to go in I think.

I'll test it :)


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