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From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 15:37:22 -0600
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Otis Gospodnetic wrote:

> I can't try the latest CVS HM because seems unreachable so
> I can't get to the instructions for getting HM from CVS :(

    This is the message I posted way back. Enjoy.

  CVS Server is up and running folks. Thanks to Elliot Lee   <> for helping with setting it up, Daniel Stenberg   <> with his contributions and everyone else   for being so patient while we make the transition from one place to another.   There is still alot of work to be done with 'The Hyper Project' as I   lovingly call it now. :) But together we'll all get there, helping one   another.

  Now on to the info for the CVS server:


  The 'cvs' user doesn't have a password, so just hit return when it asks you   for one. Also, the cvs user only has read access, so don't try to do   anything funny. :)

  For those of you who have never used a cvs server to grab sources, here's a   short rundown of the thing:

     For sh, bash and ksh users, execute the following commands:
     export CVSROOT
     (or you can stick them in your .profile and/or .bash_profile file)

     For C shell users (csh, tcsh), you can do the following:
     setenv CVSROOT
     (or stick it in your .cshrc and/or .login file)

   - From here you can login to the server with:
     # cvs login
     (Logging in to
     CVS password:  <-- hit RETURN (cvs user password is blank)

   - Now you're ready to grab the source
     # cvs checkout hypermail

     This will create a mirror of the sources in your account/on your machine
     called 'hypermail' that you can then compile and play with (just play
     safe and clean, ok?)

   - Once done, don't forget to log out:
     # cvs logout

  All of the above commands can be performed without having to set a CVSROOT   enviroment if you want, it's just a lot more to type in since you'll have to   specify the directory every time with:


  eg: cvs -d login



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