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From: Jose Kahan <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 18:17:53 +0200 (MET DST)
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I'm customizing some parts of hypermail 2.x so that I can upgrade my archiving system from my previous (custom) hypermail 1.x.

I studied the code and I liked the parser changes and the taking into account of MIME attachments.

The alternate content parsing was broken in that you couldn't give a list of preferences. Also, if you first parse an alternate with a low priority, then another one with a higher priority, the memory and, eventually, files created to store the former alternate content weren't erased.

I'm including a patch for alternate content handling (done against the latest CVS version).

I'm now going to work on the MIME attachments. The parsing is OK, but the way that the attachment filenames are generated and stored (in the same dir where all the .html files go) is a bit hard to maintain. Also, if you'd like to regenerate a hypertext archive from the mbox, filenames may change and that will surely reak many existing links to the archives. One should avoid this whenever possible.

What I'll do is create a subdir, using the msgnum, something like:

and store all the attachments there, using a fixed rule to create the attachment name, rather than the tmpnam function.

This will solve the following documented bug:

Attachment files:

When overwriting an existing archive the attachment files are not overwritten but are created anew. This leaves files that are not linked into anything in the directory taking up space.

I'll mail you any further patches I produce. If you use any of them, credit would be something well appreciated :)

Note that you may need to rewrite a bit my patches if you want to be conform to your coding conventions. My own conventions suit me fine :)



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