Re: MIME decoding patch

From: Paul Haldane <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 16:58:48 +0100 (GMT)
Message-ID: <>

Hi - I've not had a chance to look at your patches yet - they sound fine and I'll be happy to fold them in (hopefully next week).

On the subject of attachments - a question/thought...

Some sites (alright at least one site that I know well) are cautious about deploying the new version of hypermail with the ability to make ready decoded attachments available. Concerns relate to the possibility of a file infected with a macro virus being sent as an attachment and then 'run' directly from the web site.

Now this is probably tackling the problem the wrong way round, but would it be possible/sensible to (optionally) have the link from the message to the attachment not going straight to the attachment but at some derived URL which forces the user browsing the archives through some sort of warning screen? (bit vague there - my feeling is that this is technically feasible - I'm not convinced it's a good idea).



> I found a minor bug. When decoding messages with multiple MIME attachments,
> the decode variable (where the content encoding format is stored), isn't
> updated.
> This causes a problem with some messages which don't automatically include
> the Content-Encoding header for some attachments (e.g., MH auto-included
> signatures).
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