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From: Craig A Summerhill <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:12:52 -0400 (EDT)
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On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Bernhard Reiter <> wrote:
> My feedback: Would be nice to integrate hypermail and Mailman.
> ( Or at least give a nice description on how to do so.
> Too bad that the archive/* stuff is not yet folded into hypermail.
> Another script for creating the overview files of the monthly
> archives is missing somehow. The Mailman pipermail did a good
> job on these, if you need an example.


What do you mean by "integrate"?

I believe there are a number of people already using hypermail in successful conjunction with mailing list managers. We use the CREN ListProcessor here, and use hypermail only to mark up those lists which we want to make publicly available through our web site.

Personally, I think any move to have the hypermail code absorb or incorporate routines from a mailing list management package or a mail transport agent would be a decidedly BAD thing. I want to keep those functions distinctly separate on my system(s).


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