Re: Enhancement proposition: metadata for content-types

From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 16:35:54 -0600
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> Another solution would be to store the Content-type along with the
> attachment in Apache .asis format. The .asis format is really kinda nice -
> I've been playing with animated PNG files by cat'ing several PNG "frames"
> into a single .asis file with appropriate Content-type between each frame.
> A person can even combine multiple attachments into a single file this way.
> > One of the problems with the MIME attachments is how to make the
> > web server send back their content type.
> > One solution could be to add a file extension, but that extension is
> > server dependent.
> > Another solution is to use meta-data to store the Content-Type header
> > associated with each MIME attachment.

    Personally, I think either one of these solutions have their potentials.... Small glitch: they're both assuming someone is running Apache as their daemon. And while I personally have no problem with that, I do question the issue though. Maybe we should look into a more broad based solution that anyone can implement without having to either run Apache, and/or having to adjust Apache to implement these features? Just a smallish concern.


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