Re: Enhancement proposition: metadata for content-types

From: Paul Haldane <>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 09:57:15 +0100 (GMT)
Message-ID: <>

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999 wrote:  

> What I do is that in the attachment directory (say attach/num/), I create
> another subdir called .meta. I store attachment att-name in
> attach/num/att-name and its meta information in attach/num/.meta/att-name.
> The meta information is the value of the Content-Type header as specified
> in the MIME header.

Sounds neat. Yes there's the issue of web servers that don't support this, but as long as we have a option to tell hypermail not to generate the meta files on servers that don't use them we should be fine. People who use apache configured to use meta files will be better off than now and users of other server will be no worse off (same approach as MTRG (router traffic graphing thing) takes - it optionally produces .meta files to set expiry times for the graphs it produces).

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