Re: Preparing hypermail cvs commit/merge, suggestions?

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 11:01:45 -0700
Message-Id: <> (Daniel Stenberg) writes:

>On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Peter C. McCluskey wrote:
>>  I'm actively working on merging my Critmail code into Hypermail.
>I'm very curious about details in this plan.
>- What kind of features are you adding?
>- How large are they?
>- How do they work?

 I am trying to have all my additions/changes show up only when new configuration options are used. What I've added so far to setup.c should give you a good overview. I'm listing them here in roughly decreasing size and importance; the last few are ones where I am uncertain whether they really belong in Hypermail, but I think some Critmail users have found them good enough to be worth enabling.  I currently have about 1700 lines of code in new modules devoted to the linkquotes option, and 600 lines in a new module devoted to the showhtml == 2 option. Also, cvs diff | wc -l shows 1100 lines of diffs describing my changes to print.c, and about 600 lines of diffs in other modules. I am reducing these diffs as I go through to figure out which reflect intentional differences and which are useless redundance.

  {"linkquotes", &set_linkquotes, BFALSE, CFG_SWITCH, 
   "# Set this to On to create fine-grained links from quoted\n"
   "# text to the text where the quote originated. It also improves\n"
   "# the threads index file by more accurately matching messages\n"
   "# with replies. Note that this may be rather cpu intensive (see\n"
   "# the searchbackmsgnum option to alter the performance).\n" },
   {"showhtml",      &set_showhtml,   INT(1),    CFG_INTEGER,

"# Set this to 1 to show the articles in a proportionally-spaced\n"
"# font rather than a fixed-width (monospace) font.\n"
"# Set this to 2 for more complex conversion to html\n"
"# similar to that in <a href=\"\"></a>.\n"
"# Showhtml = 2 will normally produce nicer looking results\n"
"# showhtml = 1, and showhtml = 0 will look pretty dull, but\n"
"# 1 and 2 run risks of altering the appearance in undesired ways."},
   {"searchbackmsgnum", &set_searchbackmsgnum, INT(500), CFG_INTEGER,

"# If the linkquotes option is on, this controls the tradeoff\n"
"# between speed and the reliability of finding the right source\n"
"# for quoted text. Try to set it to the largest number of messages\n"
"# between a message and the final direct reply to that message.\n"},
   {"monthly_index", &set_monthly_index, BFALSE, CFG_SWITCH,

"# Set this to On to create additional index files broken up\n"
"# by month. A summary.html file will provide links to all the\n"
"# monthly indices.\n"},
   {"yearly_index", &set_yearly_index, BFALSE, CFG_SWITCH,

"# Set this to On to create additional index files broken up\n"
"# by year. A summary.html file will provide links to all the\n"
"# yearly indices.\n"},

   {"thread_file_depth", &set_thread_file_depth, INT(0), CFG_INTEGER,

     "# If nonzero, break the threads index file into multiple files,\n"
     "# with the initial message of each thread in the main index file\n"
     "# along with links to files containing the replies. Setting this\n"
     "# to 1 creates one file for each thread that has replies, and is\n"
     "# recommended for archives with over a few hundred messages.\n"
     "# Setting this greater than 1 will produce multiple levels of files\n"
     "# for each thread whose replies are nested by more than 1 level,\n"
     "# but that is rarely useful.\n"},

   {"show_linecount", &set_show_linecount, BFALSE, CFG_SWITCH,

"# Set this to On to display a count of the number of lines\n"
"# in the body of each message is displayed at the end of\n"
"# lines in index files.\n"},
   {"show_dates_first", &set_show_dates_first, BFALSE, CFG_SWITCH,

"# If On, When dates are displayed in index files, put them at\n"
"# the left end of the line, making it easier (if you're not using\n"
"# the usetable option) to compare message dates by aligning them.\n"},
   {"ditto_dup_subjects", &set_ditto_dup_subjects, BFALSE, CFG_SWITCH,

"# Set this to On to make index files smaller by replacing\n"
"# subjects that duplicate the subject on the line above\n"
"# with a pair of quote characters.\n"},
   {"verbose_links", &set_verbose_links, BTRUE, CFG_SWITCH,

"# Set to Off if you want more concise text than normal for\n"
"# links to next and previous messages\n"},
   {"link_to_replies", &set_link_to_replies, NULL, CFG_STRING,

"# If the linkquotes option is on, specifying a string here\n"
"# causes it to generate links from original quoted text the\n"
"# location(s) in replies which quote them. The string\n"
"# is used to display the link.\n"},
   {"quote_hide_threshold", &set_quote_hide_threshold, INT(100), CFG_INTEGER,

"# If the linkquotes option is on, setting this to an\n"
"# integer less than 100 will cause it to replace quoted\n"
"# text with one-line links if the percent of lines in the\n"
"# message body (exluding the signature) consisting of\n"
"# quoted text exceeds the number indicated by this option.\n"},
   {"quote_link_string", &set_quote_link_string, NULL, CFG_STRING,

"# If the quote_hide_threshold option is being used, the\n"
"# quote_link_string will be used if available to display the\n"
"# link that replaces the quoted text. If no string is specified\n"
"# here, the first line of each section ofquoted text will used.\n"},
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