Re: Preparing hypermail cvs commit/merge, suggestions?

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 09:22:06 +0200 (MET DST)
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On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Peter C. McCluskey wrote:


First out, a little rant...

While I may not see myself as the maintainer or "leader" of this project, I am probably the one who have done most of the maintaining the last nine-ten months or so.

Hypermail is indeed a team effort for which I will not take all the credit for. We are a whole lot of dudes spending our valuable spare (or paid) time to make hypermail v2 a better program.

Several persons have written to me saying they agree with my previous statement regarding acceptance of new chunks of code in hypermail. We need to be careful and make it right. We may have a stable release in sight, a release we might soon call version 2.0.

I won't be the one who decides what should go in and what shouldn't go in, although I will let my voice get heard and my opinion known. I trust others will do the same and that we'll agree on how to treat various ideas and suggestions.

> I am trying to have all my additions/changes show up only when new
> configuration options are used.

That's a good start indeed.

> I currently have about 1700 lines of code in new modules devoted to the
> linkquotes option

Wow, that's a lot of code. Could you take a moment to describe the functionality of that feature? With a focus on implementation issues and details.

> and 600 lines in a new module devoted to the showhtml == 2 option.

You say that this is similar to the text2html program. In what ways does it differ from it? Once again, I want some internal functionality described.

> {"show_dates_first", &set_show_dates_first, BFALSE, CFG_SWITCH,
> "# If On, When dates are displayed in index files, put them at\n"
> "# the left end of the line, making it easier (if you're not using\n"
> "# the usetable option) to compare message dates by aligning them.\n"},

Speaking of how index tables are generated, I'd prefer to avoid new static options. All entries of index tables could be created using some kind of template instead, giving maximum flexibility.

I did put some effort in changing all the internal index lists to have all information about every entry to enable a more generic handling of them.

> {"verbose_links", &set_verbose_links, BTRUE, CFG_SWITCH,
> "# Set to Off if you want more concise text than normal for\n"
> "# links to next and previous messages\n"},

What does "more concise text than normal" mean in this case?

  Daniel Stenberg
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