Re: Preparing hypermail cvs commit/merge, suggestions?

From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 20:43:31 -0500 (CDT)
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# Just to add more fuel to the fire, I've also been hacking on hypermail
# (2a23 base). The attached outlines the changes I've made. If there is
# interest in my changes, we can talk about how and when to integrate
# them.
# It sounds to me like a feature freeze and 2.0 final version is of most
# interest at this point in time. Seems reasonable to me to solidify the
# current 2a24 code before embarking on adding significant new features.
# Likewise it seems like time to try to develop a feature list for the
# next release (2.2 or 3.0?) and then a plan for integrating/developing
# those features.
# Comments?

I am currently working with Daniel to get to a stable version. Daniel has packaged up a version that he feels we should use as the basis for the official 2.0 release. I have been running this version through purify and insure++ to locate all the memory leaks and code inconsistencies. We have located a few things and are working on what looks like the last two items. When we have those problems resolved I'll finish my testing. At that point it is planned that Daniel will reroll a release canidate. It will be given a last test run by any and all. There will be no additional features added to the release candidate only needed bug fixes. At that point we can declare a release and I'll will put it up here as the new stable version listed as hypermail 2.0.

All the comments that have been posted recently are interesting and many of the suggested features are sorely needed. Please note we are very close to having a final 2.0. New features should probably wait until after that point.

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