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From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 00:08:01 -0500 (CDT)
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As mentioned earlier, Daniel packaged up a copy of hypermail that he thought I should be testing. I have been working on getting hypermail to a stable point using purify and insure++. We made real progress this last week. There were initially 3000+ array bounds problems in the code and a couple larger memory leaks. Most were due to fall through assumptions and uninitialized variables in heavily used routines. Those are now gone. In the process I found that getname was not parsing all the address formats that it needed to. It does now.

I have sent Daniel a complete copy to review and baseline. I have run through all the tests in testhm on a testmail box of 756 messages. I even tested missing Msg-ID: and duplicate messages support. There are no array bounds problems at all encountered for any of the tests run. I have cleaned up some of the prototypes and I corrected the copy of the archive programs with the ones I have been using here.

The plan Daniel and I discussed was at this point Daniel will review and baseline it. He will then re-roll a new test version for us to test. We are close. I think this copy is stable enough to go out as 2.0. (Or at LEAST be substituted as the new "stable" version.)

Existing problems:

     Less than 30 bytes per message are leaking. It seems
     to be relatively consistent (25-30).  It does not seem to 
     be a show stopper at those numbers.  It caused no problems
     during any of my testing here on the 15 different mailboxes
     I used.

Progress is being made and it is much more stable than it was earlier.

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