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From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 10:55:03 -0500 (CDT)
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# 2: mail is still unusable when used by MS Internet Explorer 5 and
# Netscape Communicator 4.61. In IE 5.0 it still produces the same rubbish
# characters in the text and with Communicator it will not even send text.

I did find a minor error and I have baselined a correction that might have corrupted the output. It didn't here though. A copy is included below.

Build this, put in your cgi-bin directory and then access it as


In answering the other part to your question...

I use

        hm_mailcommand = mailto:$TO?subject=$SUBJECT

in my .hmrc files to send the proper information to the mailer. Works nicely. Or are you looking to use the mail for some other purpose ?  

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--------------------- Cut here for src/mail.c -------------

** Copyright (C) 1994, 1995 Enterprise Integration Technologies Corp.
** VeriFone Inc./Hewlett-Packard. All Rights Reserved.
** Kevin Hughes, 3/11/94
** Jay Weber,
** Kent Landfield, 4/6/97
** This program and library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
** modify it under the terms of the GNU (Library) General Public License
** as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
** of the License, or any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU (Library) General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU (Library) General Public License
** along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
** Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA
*/ /*
** mail.c
** This tiny CGI program constructs an email form (GET) and
** sends the contents (POST).
*/ #include "mail.h" char *lookupnumaddr(char *numaddress) { unsigned long addr; struct hostent *he; if (((addr = inet_addr(numaddress)) == -1) || ((he = gethostbyaddr((char *) &addr, sizeof(addr), AF_INET)) == NULL)) return numaddress; return he->h_name; } void progerr(char *s) { printf("<HTML>\n"); printf("<HEAD>\n"); printf("<TITLE>Email Gateway Error</TITLE>\n"); printf("</HEAD>\n"); printf("<BODY BGCOLOR=\"#ffffff\" TEXT=\"#000000\">\n"); printf("<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>Email Gateway Error</H1>\n"); printf("This gateway program encountered an error:\n<P>\n"); printf("<CODE>%s</CODE>\n", s); printf("</BODY>\n</HTML>\n"); exit(0); } void printform(char *to, char *from, char *subject, char *body, char *replyto, cgi_info *ci) { printf("<HTML>\n"); printf("<HEAD>\n"); printf("<TITLE>Email Gateway</TITLE>\n"); printf("</HEAD>\n"); printf("<BODY BGCOLOR=\"#ffffff\" TEXT=\"#000000\">\n"); #if DEBUGGING dump_cgi_info(ci); printf("<BR>inet_addr %s\n", addr_failure == 0 ? "Succeeded": "Failed"); printf("<BR>gethostbyaddr %s\n", gethostbyaddr_failure == 0 ? "Succeeded": "Failed"); printf("<BR>hostname %s\n", hostn); #endif printf("<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>Email Gateway</H1>\n"); printf("<P ALIGN=CENTER><EM>Send an email message by filling in the form below.<BR>Make sure your user name is specified correctly on the From: line.</EM></P>\n"); printf("<DIV ALIGN=CENTER>\n"); printf("<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=\"%s\">\n", CGINAME); printf("<PRE>\n"); printf("<STRONG> To:</STRONG> "); printf("<INPUT SIZE=45 NAME=\"to\" VALUE=\"%s\">\n", to); printf("<STRONG> From:</STRONG> "); printf("<INPUT SIZE=45 NAME=\"from\" VALUE=\"%s\">\n", from); printf("<STRONG>Subject:</STRONG> "); printf("<INPUT SIZE=45 NAME=\"subject\" VALUE=\"%s\">\n", subject); if (replyto != NULL && replyto[0] != '\0') { printf("<STRONG>In reply to:</STRONG> "); printf("<INPUT SIZE=45 NAME=\"replyto\" VALUE=\"%s\">\n", replyto); } printf("\n"); printf("<TEXTAREA NAME=\"body\""); printf("rows=%d cols=%d>%s</TEXTAREA>\n", ROWS, COLS, body); printf("</PRE>\n"); printf("<INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE=\" Send Email \"> "); printf("<INPUT TYPE=reset value=\" Reset Form \">"); printf("</DIV>\n"); printf("</FORM>\n"); printf("</BODY>\n</HTML>\n"); } void cgi_main(cgi_info *ci) { form_entry *parms, *p; char *from, *to, *subject, *replyto, *body, *host; char tmpstr[MAXLEN]; FILE *f; print_mimeheader("text/html"); from = to = subject = body = replyto = ""; parms = get_form_entries(ci); if (parms) { for (p = parms; p; p = p->next) { if (!strcasecmp(p->name, "from")) from = p->val; else if (!strcasecmp(p->name, "to")) to = p->val; else if (!strcasecmp(p->name, "subject")) subject = p->val; else if (!strcasecmp(p->name, "body")) body = p->val; else if (!strcasecmp(p->name, "replyto")) replyto = p->val; } } strcpy(tmpstr, lookupnumaddr(ci->remote_addr)); #ifdef DEBUGGING strcpy(hostn, tmpstr); #endif if (strchr(tmpstr, '.')) host = strdup(tmpstr); else host = strdup(ci->remote_addr); sprintf(tmpstr, "%s_at_%s", (ci->remote_user && *(ci->remote_user)) ? ci->remote_user : "", host); if (from == NULL || from[0] == '\0') from = strdup(tmpstr); switch (mcode(ci)) { case MCODE_HEAD: return; case MCODE_GET: printform(to, from, subject, body, replyto, ci); break; case MCODE_POST: if (from == NULL || from[0] == '\0' || from[0] == '_at_' || from[strlen(from) - 1] == '_at_' || !strchr(from, '@')) progerr("Invalid <STRONG>From:</STRONG> address."); if (to == NULL || to[0] == '\0' || to[0] == '_at_' || to[strlen(to) - 1] == '_at_' || !strchr(to, '@')) progerr("Invalid <STRONG>To:</STRONG> address."); if (subject == NULL || subject[0] == '\0') progerr("The subject field is blank."); if (body == NULL || body[0] == '\0') progerr("No message has been written."); sprintf(tmpstr, "%s -t", SENDMAIL); if ((f = popen(tmpstr, "w")) != NULL) { fprintf(f, "From: %s\nTo: %s\n", from, to); if (replyto != NULL && replyto[0] != '\0') fprintf(f, "In-Reply-To: <%s>\n", replyto); fprintf(f, "Subject: %s\nX-Sender: %s\n\n%s", subject, host, body); pclose(f); printf("<HTML>\n"); printf("<HEAD>\n"); printf("<TITLE>Email Gateway Response</TITLE>\n"); printf("</HEAD>\n"); printf("<BODY BGCOLOR=\"#ffffff\" TEXT=\"#000000\">\n"); printf("<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>Your message has been sent.</H1>\n"); printf("The following message has been sent to "); printf("<STRONG>%s</STRONG>:\n<P>\n<HR>\n\n",to); printf("<BLOCKQUOTE>\n"); printf("<BR>From: %s\n", from); printf("<BR>To: %s\n", to); if (replyto != NULL && replyto[0] != '\0') printf("<BR>In-Reply-To: &lt;%s&gt;\n", replyto); printf("<BR>Subject: %s\n", subject); printf("<BR>X-Sender: %s\n", host); printf("<P>\n%s\n", body); printf("</BLOCKQUOTE>\n"); printf("<P>\n<HR>\n"); printf("</BODY>\n</HTML>\n"); } else progerr("The message was not sent - sendmail error."); break; default: sprintf(tmpstr,"Unrecognized method used: \"%s\".",ci->request_method); progerr(tmpstr); } free_form_entries(parms); }
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