Re: 2b25 Feedback -- hp-ux 10.20

From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 13:19:58 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <>

# Here is some feedback from setting this up on our hp-ux 10.20 system.
# 1) Compiling won't go without a flag to use "extended ANSI mode."
# I figured this out a lot of revs ago and know what to do, but maybe
# "configure" could do this? The manual change I'm making to Makefile is to
# add '-Ae' to the list of CFLAGS.

Hmmmm... There should be a way to do this. I'll look into it.

# 2) I get 4 compiler warnings like:
# Redeclaration of "xyz" with a different storage class specifier: "xyz" will
# have internal linkage.
# In particular:
# "date.c", line 295: "my_mktime"
# "threadprint.c", line 128: "format_thread_info"
# "threadprint.c", line 173: "print_replies"
# "", line 997: "gd_parse"

I think I got 'em.

# 3) As previously reported to the list, "make" ends with a long list of "pxdb
# internal warnings," e.g.
# pxdb internal warning: cu[20]: SLT_SRCFILE[27] out of synch
# and finally,
# pxdb: internal error. File won't be debuggable (still a valid executable)
# As before, I'm assuming #3 is an idiosyncracy of the HP system, but I toss
# it out in case it rings a bell for anyone and you can give me a hint
# whether/how to address it. The compiled code *does* run, see item 5.

??? pxdb ???

# 4) I know updating the README file isn't on anyone's priority list, but if
# we're ready to go back to this being 'beta', perhaps the preamble should be
# cleaned up? I did a quick edit, and a diff from the existing README is
# attached. I added HP-UX 10.20 to the list of "supported" (i.e. worked for
# someone) platforms.

Updated and baselined.

# 5) All systems go on an initial test with a couple of MUAs (mailx, and
# Outlook98)! I did notice one quirk, however: as desired from my .hmrc
# settings, GIFs are in-lined, and HTML attachments are not. JPEGs weren't
# however, until I identified them as "image/pjpeg" which is what Outlook98
# calls them. Is this the "official" (?) MIME type for JPEGs, or creative
# writing in Microsoft's mailer?

I'm guessing creative... My mime.types files have no reference to image/pjpeg. I also just grep'ed the rfc directory here and there were no references.

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