Re: Configure issues

From: Tony Earnshaw <>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 12:05:24 +0200
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| In order to enhance configure we need to be aware of what the
| problems are. Currently I'm looking into SCO and HP-UX issues
| mentioned this morning.

| Do you have to do something other than ./configure to get
| hypermail to compile on your system ? If so, please let
| me know. Thanks.

 Actually, as far as SCO is concerned, my do-conf (in diverse formats) is
necessary with about 50% of all Open Source code, inter alia Apache and the modules mod_perl and mod_php3, NEC's socks5 proxy and Dante's socks5 proxy. This is all stuff which isn't specifically ported to SCO OS 5.0. Stuff which is ported to SCO, such as BIND 8.1.2 (I helped with this), egcs qpopper, Exim (helped with this too) and Perl 5.005-3 don't need the mods. Simple stuff such as Majordomo wrapper, Pine, xntpd and TCP Wrapper 7.6 don't need it, even though they're not specifically ported to OS 5.0.

 Personally, I believe that the writers of software such as Hypermail just can't port a la carte without access to and specialist knowledge of all the platforms that they'd like to support. For example, configure would have to find out whether SCO users are using the native C compiler, GCC 2.7.1 or less, GCC 2.7.2 or higher to give the right modifiers, whether yacc or bison, lex or flex, which ar and ld is being used, etc. Further, that people who wish to compile and run such software should at least have a basic knowledge and experience of what is needed to see what mods are necessary to compile. There's a lot of help out there and a surprising number of people willing to give it, either privately or in forums.


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