Re: Configure issues

From: Tony Earnshaw <>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 14:31:51 +0200
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| Actually, we can support many of them without "specialist knowledge".
| one of the major points of using configure scripts. And those that we
| happen to "support" often only need a little tweaking.

Sorry, no: obviously not in this case. You have to ask SCO people whether it works or not, and to get their input. For example, if I hadn't at one time got help with what to do when an OS 5.0 compile failed with "MAXPATHLEN undefined", I couldn't have compiled Hypermail.

| > For example, configure would have to find out whether SCO users are
| > using the native C compiler, GCC 2.7.1 or less, GCC 2.7.2 or higher
| > give the right modifiers, whether yacc or bison, lex or flex, which
| > and ld is being used, etc.

| Yes, so why not do that? The point with configure is that it
| searches for and picks the best alternatives for every platform it is
| on.

Again, no, sorry. Apache uses configure, but can't find half of the SCO-specific libraries it needs, without the user feeding them as environment LIBS to the configure. And there are definite taboos on which ar and ld the user has installed, as far as SCO Unix is concerned.

As I said, only source specifically ported to SCO OS 5.0 (I gave examples) BECAUSE other SCO people were involved in the porting compiles without any knowledge of what the user is doing.

| Of course it is hard to support platforms we have never tried or to
| problems we can't imagine. But hypermail is an open project that
depends on
| the support and help from all over. If we just get enough help, we
will get
| every single unix flavour to compile hypermail without user

No, det var jo nett det eg sa! Helder ikkje kan du gjera det utan. Slikt har eg og vori med på med sovel BIND som Exim.

| So basically you are saying that we can't make a configure script what
| for hypermail on SCO unix? And if anyone has problems with hypermail
on SCO,
| they should ask in some forum?

Nei då. With SCO peoples' help you can do it, certainly not without. SCO people who can't compile things generally ask in SCO's forums (usenet) and they're generally helped privately, via e-mail. In the end, as was my own case, the fledgeling can fly on his own.


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