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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 19:07:14 +0200 (MET DST)
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2b25 configures, compiles, and runs well on solaris.

Kent, KUDOS on the cleanup work. I specially enjoyed seeing the #if 0 go away. and the #if DEBUG come some times around.

Tell me if you need some extra help cleaning up the code.

BTW, it'd be interesting to have some kind of file on CVS where we can put the points that need to be fixed/cleaned/etc. before the final 2.0 release.

Now here are some changes I propose to make for the 2.0 version.

I noticed that the hypermail options don't use anymore the hm_ prefix. The hmrc file examples have been updated, but not the doc.

hypermail/docs > grep -l hm_ *

I can update it tomorrow, unless someone else does it before.

The format for hypertext messages on 2b25 (and probably earlier on) now has an extra line saying "Subject:text". There's a missing space. And also, this gives too much extra info. The subject is already given in the H1 and in the title.

I'm not sure if this should be an option or if it should be removed. Of course, if someone makes his own message header, then we're not sure if there'll be a title or a subject.

What I propose is to make it an option, and remove the Subject: prefix and just output the subject in bold face.

In the same category, there's a "Date: date" line just after this one. As it's clear that the info that follows is a date, we could also supress the "Date:" prefix and just leave the date in em.

I've been playing with the customization of the HTML pages. One thing that could be really useful to me is if with the "usetable" option, I could add new entries to the table. This way, I'd have the nice table on top and bottom of my document, and have links going from this table to whatever I wanted, and with my own text.

This is quite easy to do. A very quick step would be to be able to customize thru the options the text that is associated with the "About" and "Other" links. And it would solve my problem at the same time :-)

I can do this change very easily and it won't fragilize the code.

In the middle term, I think we should work a bit more on the customization features, to make them a bit more flexible.

..IETF mbox support.........

I've also added a new feature to be able to parse mboxes that follow the IETF recommended style. In this format, everything in a message except for the the envelope (From xxxx line) is prefixed with a ">" char.

This was a less than ten line change. If you're interested, I can commit it now, wait until 2.1, or keep it to myself :)

That's all for the moment :)

-Jose Received on Wed 06 Oct 1999 07:07:55 PM GMT

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