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From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 16:32:03 -0600 (MDT)
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On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Bjoern Krueger wrote:

: My goal is to set up a monthly archive of my mailinglists. I have
: already read the FAQ and fiddled a bit with the Makefile in
: ./hypermail/archive/ but I am not getting it (?
: my-my-mailinglist-name_mail ??) compiled. As I am no C professionell
: and cannot reach any, I must rely on your kind advice again.
: I simply want one mailinglist to which an alias name is subscribed
: (and points to |"/usr/local/bin/hypermail -i -u -c
: /usr/local/bin/hypermail.conf") to be set up into months. The simple
: version without any ordering except threads is already working (which
: I am very glad about! ;))

        A while ago I needed the same thing done (a while, sometime last year I think) and at the time I was running tight on time, so I made something real quit that works just fine for me.

        What I do is, I archive all messages that come in through the list (I run the list through Majordomo). Then, every hour, I have a crontask that grabs that archive and filters it through hypermail. The script is what will create the month folders for me automatically, so I don't have to worry about it at the end of the month and such.

        The only drawback (and at the time I did realize it but like I said, I was pressed for time, so I had to deal with it) is that I had to instruct hypermail to overwrite everything every single time the crontask ran. This was the only way I could get the threading and indexing working properly.

        I suppose I could've just cached the previous archive from the previous hour, then only extract the difference between that one and the recent one and run those through hypermail.

        There are several ways of doing this, I'm sure. Someone's bound to come up with an idea... This was mine (which by the way is still running with no problem)


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