Re: Time-based archive subdivision

From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 19:17:14 -0500 (CDT)
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# I know this has been discussed from time to time, and I know that many of
# the list members have this in their implementations. But I think that the
# current distribution doesn't have a direct provision (or even
# instructions?) as to how to accomplish it.
# What I'm talking about is having a discussion archive split up on month,
# year, or some other time boundaries, ideally with any cross-referenced
# hyperlinks preserved.
# Searching my memory, and the landfield site, it looks like the solutions in
# use require maintaining the incoming messages "as received" in a separate,
# mbox file, for as long as you may wish to make a new slice or dice.
# Is that so?
# Either way, it might be nice to capture one or more methods in some form (a
# "README" or FAQ file?) and include it in the distribution. (Let me
# apologize in advance if it's aready there and I missed it.)
# Practically, I have the following problem:
# A whole bunch of archives, with a whole bunch of messages in them (written
# with a local v1.x which has handled attachments for some time), which I
# need to split up, because they're getting unwieldy. Given the known flaws
# of v1.02 (which will all be corrected in v2!), and all the nifty additional
# flaws we put in our version, things get very boggy when an archive gets up
# around 2000 messages.
# And I don't have the messages as they came to hypermail - I just have
# hypermail's archive. The updated "" in contrib/ would be a
# start, but without the ability to handle attachments, it's not enough.

Looks as if there are two different issues here. First issue is how to do monthly archiving and the second is how to take an older archive of hypermail messages and split that up into a monthly formatted archive.

First, the "stuff" in archive/ is being cleaned up so that it is not as convoluted as is was. The two utilities will be able to be used directly with command line arguments instead of having to hardwire it in during compilation. I've been ignoring that stuff for a while now hoping it would be integrated into hypermail. The archive/ code has been updated but the docs still need updating.

As for V1.x archives.... I don't think they had attachment support so everything was included directly in each message. Or am I remembering it wrong ? Or is that the real problem (the attachments need to be put back into something that can be recognized as attachments when the new archive is generated) ?

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