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From: Tony Earnshaw <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 17:17:17 +0200
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| # Well, that's brilliant, at least. BUT. SCO people will use SCO C
| # compilers, which behave differently from GNU/Cygnus compilers and
| # different header files and do other strange things. Hope that they
| # configure for GCC 2.8 and higher, since that's what I use on OS 5.0;
| # UnixWare I use the native SCO compiler.
| They are testing it on both SCO C compilers and GNU on both systems.

Well, the brilliant news is, that the CVS source with configure now compiles on SCO OS 5.0.5 without warnings, finds all the libraries, MAXPATHLEN etc - which it didn't before. What's more, the compiled hypermail works fine for me - but I haven't yet gone into the niceties.

| # 2: mail is still unusable when used by MS Internet Explorer 5 and
| # Netscape Communicator 4.61. In IE 5.0 it still produces the same
| # characters in the text and with Communicator it will not even send
| I just tested it here and it works fine. Compiled it directly from a
| copy.

Well, for me I get exactly the same as before. I answer a message using IE 5.0 on Win 95 (Norwegian versions of both, I must admit):

Subject: Re: Virus - wat te doen?

And I get the same as always:

Subject: Re£ Virus - wat te doenů
Monday– Tuesday– Wednesday– Weekend–

With Communicator 4.61/4.7 English on the same Norwegian Win 95, I get the same as before:

"Invalid From: address". But both the local part and domain entered are both perfectly valid.

| # Of course, if it were to quote original body as well in the reply,
| # be the bee's knees :-)
| Such as putting it in <EM>original body</EM> ?

Quoting as it's quoted above, so that if 'mail' is used as MUA, the person replying will be able to show something to reply to.

Warning! Don't try and test either Norwegian Win 95 or IE 5.0, unless you want to go prematurely grey. They're what I use to keep my Dutch colleags as far away from my PC as possible.

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